• BIOTEC: Put Your Best Face Forward
  • BIOTEC: Put Your Best Face Forward

    With Autumn falling into Winter, the strains of the season can begin to show.
    Skin Edit is talking about BIOTEC and how it can help to winter-proof your skin. 

    As the weather changes and life rapidly ebbs and flows towards colder mornings and darker nights, it is easy to overlook the fact that your skin is changing as much as the seasons around you. Anticipating its changing needs is as important as selecting the perfect new winter coat! With central heating, less natural sunlight hours and the after effects of a seriously spectacular British summer all weighing in, treating your skin to some TLC is not just kindness, its necessity!

    Why should we winter-proof our skin?

    Environmental stress, hormonal fluctuations and lifestyle choices, all play a pivotal role on the cellular energy within the skin. With factors such as these, combined with age, skin cells are simply not as active in reproducing healthy new cells. When cells lack energy, reproduction dramatically decreases, synthesis of the elastic fibres slows and signs of ageing and skin-stress appear.

    Adapting our skincare routines to changes in not only the seasonal elements but our lifestyles too, can help to combat the breakdown in cellular energy. The BIOTEC facial synergistically works with your home care routine – creating a tour de force by working at three different therapy levels; technology, touch and actives – restoring cellular energy to the skin.

    The power of 5

    BIOTEC is unique. It really is that simple. Professional, high-potency active skincare-ingredients work in synergy with your therapists expertise and hands. Add in the power of 5 skincare technologies and you have a new generation of facials, which work with the skins natural bio-electric field and deliver uncompromising results.

    Here are the autumn-proofing, winter-busting, skin-saving glow-getting methods which make BIOTEC your new facial best friend.

    • O2 Oxygen Infusion
      Oxygen therapy works to hydrate, re-densify and plump the skin; targeting fine lines, dehydration and sensitivity. Fantastic for pre-party prep too!
    • Ultrasonic
      Helping to lift dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production, ultrasonic therapies work by using a ceramic plate which vibrates x2700 per second.
    • Light Therapy
      Working with a combination of rejuvenating red light and anti-bacterial blue light to work deeper below the skins surface.
    • Galvanic
      Using positive and negative polarities, galvanic current works to relax (open) pores and draw out impurities.
    • Microcurrent
      Facial muscle stimulation; works specifically on facial muscles to improve tone and naturally lift the facial features.”

    How Does BIOTEC Work?

    Each BIOTEC facial treatment is formulated to be as unique as the person and their individual skin priorities. No one treatment, is ever the same. Beginning in clinic with a unique Lesley Leale-Green Skin Health Asessement, your therapist will be reviewing and analysing your skin. Providing you with a deeper understanding of its condition and discussing your skin priorities.

    Following this assessment, your therapist will tailor your BIOTEC treatment. BIOTEC has the unique function of being able to combine not only some of the industries most powerful skincare ingredients, but also 5-individual treatment technologies. This unique process ensures exceptional effectiveness and a truly personalised approach.

    “When cells lack energy, synthesis of the elastic fibres slows and signs of ageing and skin-stress appear… BIOTEC synergistically restores cellular energy to the skin…”

    Combining not only the power of technology, winter-proofing your skin would never be complete without Elemis’ signature ‘Skin Lift Touch’. The power of touch helps stimulate subcutaneous micro-circulation and enables the rapid absorption of the active ingredients selected.

    Carry your winter-ready skin into the new season by adding a BIOTEC treatment into your routine every 4-6weeks to help support the skins natural defence mechanisms and cell regeneration. Your therapist will guide you with a stress-free skincare routine – at home and in clinic – to help maximise your results and maintain optimum skin health.

    Nothing on this site shall be taken as providing dermatological, medical or any other such advice and we always strongly advise that you seek the advice of a suitable, qualified professional should you have concerns regarding your personal circumstances.

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