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    – The Skin Edit talks about the natural powers of Aromatherapy and how Aromatherapy products and treatments could benefit you –

    Aromatherapy has become the by-word for the ‘herbal-heidis’ of society. With the dramatic increase in beauty technological-innovations, aromatherapy has become sidelined . However, what many consumers and fans of ‘au-natural’ do not realise is that ‘real’ aromatherapy can have miraculous effects and benefits for mental and personal wellbeing. Whilst in a beauty-therapy capacity, an aromatherapist can not diagnose medical conditions, the treatment itself can help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

    The Birth of Aromatherapy

    Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their beautiful aromatic, delicate and sometimes intoxicating scents and natural healing powers. Plant oils are full of natural antioxidants and botanicals which help to stimulate and encourage healthy skin, which has been treated at a cellular-level. Aromatherapy harnesses the therapeutic properties of plant botanicals to improve our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

    The principle we know as Aromatherapy firmly began in the 1950’s developed by Marguerite Maury. Maury combined Eastern and Western massage techniques, to stimulate the nervous system, releasing congestion and rebalancing areas of the body affected by physical and mental stress. Combined with this effect on the nervous system, the essential oils unleash their own powerful properties. Essential oils can be absorbed into the bloodstream within 10 minutes (and even traced within your urine). This absorption enhances cell renewal, circulation and detoxification. Combine this with natural aromas acting and reacting with the deepest parts of the human brain to enhance your mood and emotions; you have a very powerful force!

    What are the Physical Benefits?

    Essential oils are biologically made up of very small molecules. The size of the molecule is crucial in understanding the power that aromatherapy holds. Small molecules allow the aroma-properties to penetrate deeply into cells within the body. Although traditionally, Aromatherapy was used to treat muscular conditions, it is also renowned for easing sinus congestion and improving circulation. But, Aromatherapy is not just beneficial for the body but also for the face. Essential oils encourage cell renewal, enhance blood circulation and help treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema and ageing skin.

    Skin Edit AromatherapyWhat are the Emotional Benefits?

    The power of Aromatherapy on emotional wellbeing is astonishing. The bodies’ olfactory system plays a vital role in reaping the benefits of Aromatherapy. The human sense of smell is our most primitive sense; linking scent to areas of the brain which can trigger memories, emotions and instructive actions. Essential oils harness this natural, primitive sense and can assist with improving moods and can relieve a conflicted state of mind.

    What happens in an Aromatherapy Massage?

    At Lesley Leale-Green – London, aromatherapy was one of the first core treatments we began to offer our clients back in 1981. Aromatherapy massage is designed to release tension held in every part of the body; resulting in a state of deep relaxation. Trained professional, aesthetic therapists will apply carefully applied pressures, which stimulate the nervous system. Aromatherapy treatments combine Swedish and neuromuscular techniques to relieve muscular tension and utilise lymphatic drainage to help encourage healthy circulation.

    How do you know which Essential Oils to Choose?

    Don’t worry. With expert advice and guidance from your aesthetic therapist or trained professional, you will have the opportunity to select a signature oil blend which is best adapted to your emotional and physical needs. Following your in-depth, personal consultation to establish your current health status and main concerns, your therapist will select the 3 most suitable oils, chosen based upon your responses to your consultation. A ‘Scent-Test’ is then completed. During the ‘scent-test’ you are not told which oils have been selected allowing your sense of smell and olfactory system to draw you to the oils. The scent you are most drawn to is then selected as the essential-oils blend for your treatment.

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