• Sheet Masks: What Lies Beneath the New Skincare Classic
  • Sheet Masks: What Lies Beneath the New Skincare Classic

    The Skin Edit reveals the facts about the latest beauty classic; Sheet Masks. 

    To the unfamiliar they may just look like sheets of wet paper but to the skincare impresario they are the future of all things skin. Made a cult classic in Asia, Sheet Masks have revolutionised the way we care for our faces.

    What are Sheet Masks?

    Since their arrival onto the British beauty scene, Sheet Masks have been seen as more than just a gimmick. I know they may seem comical by sight; yes, you may feel like Halloween has arrived early when wearing one (and I certainly wouldn’t open the door to the postman wearing one) but these treatment masks are no laughing matter. Sheet Masks are essentially serum doused fabric sheets with an ability to intensely hydrate, brighten and firm the skin. Sheet Mask 1

    Should we turn our backs on traditional masks?

    Well, that depends. Always speak to your skincare professional for a personalised consultation before you invest in any new skincare products. But, don’t imagine we are not head-over-heels in love with Sheet Masks at Lesley Leale-Green. For starters, they are more ergonomic for those of us who can be a little ‘butter-fingers’ with our products. There is no risk of overusing the product as they are individually wrapped and pre-packed full of ingredients.

    The best way to think of your Sheet Mask, is as your normal masks cooler friend. The one you want to meet for cocktails every day after work and go on city-breaks with. Even though you know that your good-old stable friend, the cream/clay mask is also going to provide you with health benefits too. But lets face it, if you were to go on a city-break, clay masks are not something you want to take with you whereas, a pre-packed sachet leaves no mess, is easy to pack into the smallest bag and is guaranteed not to leave a mark inside your suitcase.

    Are Sheet Masks suitable for Your Skin?

    Every skin (and I mean every skin) can benefit from the joys of a sheet of skin-perfecting wonder. The masks are already pre-measured with the recommended ingredients for your skin and type; all you have to do is apply it onto your freshly cleansed (and dried) skin. After 10-15 minutes (or as advised) simply peel away the mask and massage any remaining serum into your skin, using light circular movements. The feeling of moisture and hydration after use is incredible.

    During the summer, if you feel your skin is suffering from the heat using a Sheet Mask once a week is fine however, in the winter months when skin is feeling parched, use the masks two-to-three times a week to restore natural moisture levels.

    Sheet Mask 2Recommended Sheet Masks Revealed

    1. Masque Eclat Lifting (Guinot) This exclusive Sheet Mask is designed to smooth facial features and firm the skin. Infused with Pro-Collagen (hydrolysed collagen, biopeptides and Alaria Esculenta extract) to increase the production of elastic fibres and to combat skin slackening and increase firmness.
    2. Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks (Elemis) Clinically proven to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid embedded within the mask, hydrates the fragile eye area; leaving contours visibly smoother and intensely moisturised.
    3. Instant Brightening Mask (Guinot) A must have for any bride to be and for those who are looking for brightening, anti-pigmentation results. Thanks to the masks concentration of Melanoxyl and stabilised Vitamin C, this mask delivers unrivalled results.


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