• Beauty Alphabet: B is for Benzoin
  • Beauty Alphabet: B is for Benzoin

    Lesley Leale-Green and The Skin Edit are taking beauty back to School. 

    Do you look at the ingredients labels on your products and know what they mean? What is Glycerin? Should you be using it? How do you tell the difference between AHA’s and BHA’s? The Skin Edit have you covered. The Beauty Alphabet is an A-Z decoder of common beauty-product ingredients; highlighting what they are, why we use them and are they beneficial for your skin. 

    B is for Benzoin

    What is Benzoin?

    Benzoin is a natural ‘gum’ which is extracted from the Styrax Tree (indigenous to South East Asia). This natural resin should not be confused with the chemical compound ‘benzoin’. The resin is used is to promote healthy skin and is often found in perfumes and aromatherapy skincare.  Benzoin was even known by the Ancient Greeks as ‘Silphion’ and the Romans as ‘Laserpitium’. The powdered resin was used in potpourris.

    What is Benzoin used for?

    Benzoin is used in aromatherapy products due to its soothing properties. It can be used in products designed to provide antiseptic and protective qualities. In skincare treatments, Benzoin is often used because its anti-inflammatory properties make it suitable for irritated and dry skins; including eczema and psoriasis.

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