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    When you’ve had enough of your Faux Golden Glow; the Skin Edit shows you how to Tan Detox

    Achieving the perfect tan, without basking in the Mexican sun has become easier and easier thanks to recent cosmetic science developments. But, what about when things go wrong? The Skin Edit and Lesley Leale-Green reveal the industry secrets to removing faux tan.

    Don’t Panic. Self tanning products usually only have a life span on the skin of 7-10 days. However, if you can’t cover up for this long try having a sauna or using a steam room. The steam encourages the tan to fade even faster.

    ‘Orange you beautiful? If your colour is less tropical and rather more tango, try this trick to lift the colour. Mix the juice of a lemon and a three tablespoons of salt in a bowl. Rub the salty paste in between your hands or over any small areas which you need to lift and reduce the colour for. After a few minutes, wash off. Moisturise you hands and areas treated thoroughly, as the mixture will act like a detergent on the skin.

    Streaks! The most common complaint we hear after a do-it-yourself tan is the issue of streaky legs. To eliminate the streaks, use an oil-based, grained body scrub. The oil will help to break down the faux tan whilst the grains exfoliate your skin; removing any dead skins cells holding the colour. Shower off the grains and moisturise. We love Guinot’s Gommage Facile 200ml and Elemis’ Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow.

    Take it down a notch. If your tan has gone a shade or two darker than you required, massage a body oil all over your body. Leave the oil on the body for 30-40minutes and then take a warm bath. Using a loofa or towelling mitt, buff your body and remove the oil. The heat of the water and the oil work wonders together to lift and breakdown the build-up of faux tan colour on the skin. Rub dry with a towel for extra exfoliation and moisturise. I love the Elemis Japanese Camelia Body Oil, it is a delicately scented body oil and will hydrate your skin too!

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